Fourth Trimester Prep :

This class was created as I started to see a theme of topics, resources, and tips that I would share with almost all of my postpartum doula clients. It has been fun to pack in all of these "tools" into a 2 hour class and create a hands on learning approach for the wild ride of parenting. 

In this class you will learn :

  • The 5 S's from the Happiest Baby on the Block
  • Essentials of early postpartum "Momma Care"
  • Newborn care : diapering / burping / bathing
  • Infant Massage
  • Dunstan Baby Language
  • Intro into babywearing 
  • Self care for mom, partner and your relationship

Now What? :

Your baby is what? I have found that parents focus a lot on pregnancy and birth, and it seems harder to really prepare for the adventure that awaits once the baby arrives. This service is really tailored to whatever the family needs in that moment. 

Often covered in this time:

  • Feeding support : everything from nursing tips to reminders of how often to feed to help get baby back to birth weight
  • Newborn care : diapering / burping / bathing
  • Momma Care with strong focus on the first 6 weeks 
  • Teaching different burping techniques
  • Demonstrating my "Ninja Swaddle" + the 5 S's soothing techniques
  • Provide emotional support in general, and allowing space for the parents to process anything around the birth that they need to
  • Review of baby changing stations - making sure you are all stocked up and ergonomically corrrect
  • Review of any gear / babywearing, etc

Rates :

$100 / 2 hours visit