Meet Jamina

Jamina Carder : Owner, Postpartum Doula & Lactation Educator

My passion for supporting families and nurturing babies runs deep.  Born and raised here in Nashville, Tennessee, I have been blessed to  play an active roll as a support person to many different families in  the area. Starting with my close involvement with many nieces and nephews, I have now served a wide variety of postpartum doula clients over the past 6 years. Her desire to  serve pregnant woman began back in 2001 when she was in Massage School  in Atlanta. She had the idea to work with them during their pregnancy  and then be available throughout the postpartum period. That took her  down the road of becoming a Birth Doula for several years. She loved the  gift of watching a child be born, and soon realized that stepping in  after the baby was born was really where she shined. After having her  first child, Jamina's compassion grew for parents and her skill set  expanded in many ways. As a Certified Postpartum Doula, Jamina offers  herself as - multitasker / list maker, trouble shooter, personal chef,  photographer, educator, and simply being a grounding anchor providing  non-judgmental love and support. The relationships formed in this role  mean so much to her, and she feels honored to be part of each families'  journey through the wild ride of parenthood.